The Perception and Experience of a Natural Miracle

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I squinted, then peered through my murky morning lenses, as pain pulsed through my lower back. It was sore and it felt constricted, as if a giant python had wrapped itself around my torso, slowly and meticulously crushing my vertebrae. The pounding…

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I’m the fifty-clap guy. I am that guy on Medium, your biggest cheerleader.

I’m the Olympics diving-judge whose score is thrown out for being too high. I don’t care. I am here to give you your flowers. All of them. I’m here to make up for the one-clap clappers. (But…

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I’ve seen devastation
I see it in his eyes
That are swelled and puffed
From the wells long dried.

I’ve seen devastation
Illuminating the gait
Of a shadow of a man
Who ponders his fate.

I’ve seen devastation
On his stained…

The evil woman from the Contracts Department, the one with the rosy cheeks has done us in with her sweets.

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She’s poisoned our office with her baked goods, the irresistible ones.

Literally irresistible, the cookies draw us towards them with a gravitational pull that is so famous that the lure is now lore.

Quite simply, humans can’t resist. It’s like culinary crack that crunches then melts simultaneously on our unguarded…

Notes From My Work Diary

Introducing BathroomJanitor

I just had an interesting conversation with the new bathroom janitor. I introduced myself as one of the managers. Not his manager, but one of the managers in the building. Nice guy. He told me about how much energy he puts into cleaning the bathroom, which apparently is…

A conversation between two elderly cousins.

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Marvin and Viere

Marvin leaned over the kitchen counter, with his phone in “speaker mode” on full blast. Marvin was talking the ears off his eighty year old cousin Viere, who was five years his junior. Marvin lived in Philadelphia, and Viere lived in…

I totally agree. In my poem, "Black is an Underlying Condition" I touched on this,

"Black is an underlying condition,

That pecks away at our souls,

Microaggressions and other transgressions,

Dehumanizing at levels untold."

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Alone in my shell, safe from the world,

Like living in hell on a cold concrete stone,

Time floats by at a slow eerie pace,

As I sing life’s song in this somber place.


Numb to emotions, the take us for rides,

After they peak, they surely must dive,

Dave Anthony

Intellectual Property Lawyer, Engineer, Story-Teller/Writer, Reader, Music Lover, Picture Watcher, Broke Father, Rich Daddy. Working on first novel.

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